10 Convincing Facts on Why Homework Should be Banned

As human beings, we often get caught up in things that may not necessarily be adding any value to our lives. One such thing is homework for a student in schools. In recent times, there has been a big debate on whether homework should be banned or not owing to its effects on students both at school and at home. Well, different schools of thought see the same subject differently hence the cause of the much-heated debate we have witnessed.

There are a lot of parents bothered by their children’s preoccupation with homework and the kind of human beings they have become because of it. So, the question is, “should homework be banned?” Since its inception, stats homework has been found to present a number of challenges and discussed in here are 10 proven facts render homework unprofitable for all stakeholders!

Reasons why homework should be banned

Here are the first 3 facts on why homework shouldn’t continue among students:

  1. Homework doesn’t work for everybody. Only a small percentage of students get to benefit from homework. Actually, only a small percentage of students need homework to maintain a certain class or status in society. The elite in the society wants to compete at all times hence their preoccupation with homework. This is one of the reasons why homework should be banned as supported by once the president of France, François Hollande.
  2. Homework is in most cases not enjoyable. Students are forced to fulfil an obligation as a sense of duty, just to complete an assignment whether they like it or not. The work is too much and the demands placed on homework make them not want to enjoy anything about it.
  3. Could lead to stress. There is usually a lot to cover in the assignments. The pressure build-up, as a result, has led to stress conditions and depression among students because they do not have time to relax and rest sufficiently.

More reasons why there should be no homework

Homework continues to present a lot more weaknesses in the education system than strengths. Here is why…

  1. Homework doesn’t test anything. Students just rush through the questions to complete them. Ideally, there is nothing put under test in their efforts to complete the work. There are no objectives to be met in the exercise hence rendered unprofitable for students.
  2. Homework hinders child development. With all these assignments to work, a child will hardly have enough time to focus on other equally important things needed for their growth and development. All books without play and socialization make students dull and unbalanced in their all-round development. This indeed is a good answer to the question, “should homework be banned in schools?”
  3. Homework attracts bad learning habits. Students get fulfilled having completed their assignments and wouldn’t bother to go further than was asked in the assignments. This hinders their ability to learn as required.

Still wondering why should homework be banned?

Looking carefully at what homework has done to students, there are enough reasons as to why it should be banned. Further on the list of facts warranting the banning of homework includes:

  1. The lack of academic benefits in homework. What is the essence of having homework? Thinking through it all, students don’t really get to have any benefit from it.
  2. Conflict between children and their parents. There usually is a big tussle between parents pushing their children to complete homework. Looking at the “should homework be banned” pros and cons, the issue of conflict is a serious one that can be rectified when the banning takes effect.

The Ultimate on why we should school ban homework

It has been proven beyond doubt that…

  1. Homework is sometimes given as a cover-up of what the teacher didn’t finish in class. This is one of the main disadvantages of homework because students struggle a lot with something that could otherwise have been covered in class.
  2. Teachers don’t really check the completed assignments due to heavy workload on their side. This is definitely one of the main pillars of “should homework be banned” facts.

Learning among students is very different and specific for everyone. However, the same problems cut across the larger group when it comes to homework.