The first grade can be very confusing for a child. It is the first time that the child is assigned difficult homework that needs thorough understanding and dedication to solve. You will have to understand and give the child equal opportunity to do it properly. Without patience from the ward and no guidance will make the student incompetent. But too much of pampering and help is also not very helpful. So utmost care should be taken when assisting the students.

Here are the key points for the first grade homework policy.

  • Ensure a proper environment for the kid to study. A noisy and chaotic place will only act as a distraction and make the child lose concentration. In a peaceful surrounding with the right desk and chairs the child will feel inclined to spend more time on his work. You can make a separate room for the kid to study and that will help him getting the work done.
  • There is a reason why the work has to be done by the student himself. As a parent it may be your duty to assist your son with the difficult problems but you will not solve them yourselves or proofread it after it is done. Many children are not able to appreciate criticism from their parents. So it is better you leave it out for the teacher concerned. The teacher will also be able to understand where the kid’s weaknesses are and then help the child with the particular needs.
  • Go online to get solutions on how to help your child with homework. There are great detailed tutorials on how to do it. There are so many websites who can give you useful tips that it is easy to find pages that are addressed to your child’s specific problems. You can get notes and videos explaining the various chapters in the syllabus. The kid can easily learn a lot from these materials and also complete the assignments quicker and faster.

Taking care of the assignments

These tips will get you started. If you want you can also hire tutors, or help the kid yourself. This is a great way for interaction and helps in developing the parent child bond. When your child starts looking for somebody to do my homework for me, help them choose a reliable source. But do not help them too much with the homework otherwise they will learn nothing despite having a good grade. Intuitive and fresh learning is always the best way.